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Seven ways to embrace a non-diet new year

Already feeling exhausted with the “new year, new me” rhetoric that surrounds every single new year? The relentless hamster wheel of juice cleanses, “healthy eating” cookbooks and new-year shred programmes - it’s tiring out there!

You may be feeling ready for a new year, and excited by the possibilities that the first month of the year brings. But, are you already feeling yourself slipping back into the diet trap then here are eleven ways you can embrace positive habits and mindset shifts. These changes will improve your relationship with food rather than damage it further. So, breathe a sigh of relief and let’s get into eleven ways to embrace a non-diet new year.

1. Set boundaries

If you are ready to work on your relationship with food and are fed up with hearing others discuss their diets, then set boundaries. Ask friends, family, co-workers and basically anyone you surround yourself with that you aren’t interested in talking about the latest weight loss techniques.

2. Find joy in movement

It makes sense that the joy in moving our body has been lost with “30-day shreds”, “75-hard” and “Insanity” workouts plaguing our TikTok feeds. But, we can rediscover the fun side of exercise by discovering movement that makes us feel good. Plus, we can make movement even more fun by having a “movement date” by heading to an exercise class or on a walk with a friend or loved one.

3. Try a fear food

Still worry about eating a certain food? You’re not alone. Diet culture has seeped into our grey matter, sometimes without us even noticing it. If white bread never crosses your lips then why not challenge yourself to try it? Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can help us achieve food freedom.

4. Develop a support system

Actively pushing against diet culture is exhausting and often overwhelming. Finding a support system of friends and family, or an online community of people who share the same values as you can help you improve your relationship with food, movement and your body, and help you feel less alone in your pursuits. Why not work with an expert? You can find out more about working with Nuna or one of our nutritionists here.

5. Set aside time for one act of self-care

We know you’re busy and it can often feel overwhelming to find time in the day just for you. But even just 5 minutes a day of time dedicated to one act of self-care can help you decompress and reconnect with yourself. Try a quick meditation or yoga routine, spend a few minutes longer doing your skincare routine, or make time to do your favourite hobby. Let’s become our own best friends.

6. Practice gratitude

Joy in the every day can sometimes feel tricky to find. But taking time to be thankful for what we have can help us have a more positive outlook on our lives. It also allows us to welcome more positivity into our day. No, we aren’t about toxic positivity here. But, connecting with the here and now can help us be more present. Even the small things can be celebrated like a hot cup of coffee, fresh flowers or your warm home.

7. Build a nighttime routine

Find the mornings run away with you and in the evening you just crash into bed? Taking 15 minutes at the end of the day to slow down, decompress and boost the quality of your sleep. This may include some light stretching, taking a relaxing bath or shower, enjoying your skincare routine or reading a book. But do you know what it doesn’t include? Scrolling through Instagram. Embrace a routine at night that sets you up to sleep well and gets you ready to embrace the next day.

Step into your new year diet free by working with Nuna or one of our nutritionists here.

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