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How solitude left me feeling more empowered as a woman.

Updated: May 12, 2023

I took 4 days out from my normal life to travel down to Uluwatu, Bali to be on my own, no friends, no instagram, just me.

You could call it a holiday, because it was indeed all about pleasure but it was deeper than that for me.

You might be wondering what inspired me to escape in solitude, and here are my reasons why...

1) I felt like I was losing touch with myself.

Working for myself and running 2 businesses has left very little room for the me outside of work. Although my work basically is a reflection of me as a person, and what I love.. I started wondering who Nuna is outside of her work. What does she think about when it's not about achieving more or progressing?

2) I felt like I lost touch with pleasure.

When I have spare time, I am always using it to develop myself or my business. Which is great, but I noticed that I find it hard to do things for pure pleasure rather than always trying to get better at something and grow me or my business.

3) I wanted to understand who I am and what I enjoy

As a very social person, I spend a lot of time with friends. I really wanted to see how different things are when I am left to my own devices, relying on myself, making my own decisions and choosing exactly how I want to spend my time and energy.

4) To create space for my needs & feelings.

As a busy woman, I often push my needs and feelings to the side because I don't have time for them. This is potentially why I find myself feeling burnt out and stressed. Like every person, I also have feelings that I need to process and I wanted to create space for that too.

5) To remove myself from my comfort zone.

I never really spend time alone unless I have to. I find it very comforting being around my friends and family... which is great but I felt that it was a comfort zone that I needed to break out of and build strength towards being alone.

So, I did it.

I went to the south of Bali, a place called Uluwatu and I spent my days prioritising me. I avoided schedules or to-do lists and really honed in on being intuitive with what I want to do.

Here's a few things I got up to....

  • Creativity- I did some drawing and colouring

  • Digging deep- I wrote a letter to my younger self

  • Pleasure- I got stuck in a romance novel, sunbathed, had a massage, went shopping and ate good food.

  • Space- I did some guided meditations, yoga and attended a virtual retreat about feminine energy.

  • Nourished my soul- recorded a podcast for fun, went for dinner with 2 new girls I met and then ended my solitude with a lunch date with my friend Caitlin.

So what did I learn from this experience?

I learnt that I am worthy of pleasure no matter what, and that it doesn't need to be as a reward to hard work or struggles.

I learnt that the pressure I put on myself to achieve is out of line with my core values of freedom and is actually hindering my mental & physical health.. and my business.

I discovered that the way I work is too masculine and structured, and that I want to embrace more feminine flow and intuition into my business.

I had an epiphany about my greater message and my purpose through my work. What I do is so much more than enable women to find food and body freedom. My passion is female empowerment, and I want to spread that through many different angles.

I realised that all my fears and my worries feel so real but if I sit with them, and imagine the worst scenario... I know that I will always be ok.

Thanks for reading this personal piece of mine & I hope it inspired you in some way or another.

Don't be afraid to reach out to me, whether thats on instagram or by email.

Spreading love & positivity,

Nuna xx

PS. If you want to visit Bali but are unsure where to go or what to do, I use to find out all the best places to visit and keep up to date with what's on.

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