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My productivity tripled when I learned how to care for myself.

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

As high achieving women, it’s very easy to put our health on the backburner…

There’s just so many other things you could be doing right?

My experience

Trust me, I get it because I have to remind myself every day to prioritise myself. Not just for my own health, but also for my productivity, focus and the health of my business. I often feel like my body is slowing me down..

There’s so much my mind wants to achieve, but then the fatigue kicks in, the back pain, the hunger and so on. Can you relate to this?

It occurred to me earlier this year after having to invest in CBT therapy, physiotherapy and a chiropractor then in times of burnout, that by overworking myself I was actually slowing myself down.

It wasn’t just the long hours and self-inflicted pressure, it was also the lack of space i was holding to listen to my body and honour it’s needs.

Even if i was tired, I would power through.

Even if i felt stiff, I would persevere.

If I was hungry, I’d wait until the very last second before I was about to snap.

If an opportunity came up, i’d say yes even if I was in no position to take on more work.

You can imagine I was quite unpleasant to be around, but also it was an unpleasant experience for me as a person. Surely that is the opposite of how I want to live my life right?

In terms of my eating habits, if i didn't listen to my hunger signals before they got severe- I’d pay for it later.

Grabbing the most convenient thing i could find, rather than choosing foods that would nourish and sustain my energy, was not promoting productivity in my work.

The convenient foods tend to be the more refined and processed options, which don’t provide you with lasting energy, fullness or a stable mood.

Plus, i’d eat in a very animalistic fashion- like the food would disappear into thin air if i didnt eat it in 10 seconds..

That kind of eating not only promotes bloating, but also leads you to overeat past the amount you probably would have needed in the first place.

The science

Hunger is experienced as a spectrum, in varying intensities. When you begin to understand all the signs of hunger that you experience then you can sit in a more empowered place when it comes to fuelling your body.

By reconnecting with your hunger, you will understand more about when to fuel your body and how to fuel it too.

There are obvious signs of hunger, like stomach growling and cramps, but in fact these are indications that you have left it too late.

When you step into those uncomfy areas of hunger, you are much more likely to rebound eat.

What is rebound eating?

Rebound eating is the type of eating that feels primal.

For example, reaching for the most convenient option normally with the highest sugar, fat and calorie content, gobbling it down as fast as you possibly can and then feeling pretty sluggish and bloated afterwards from the amount that you ate.

That’s the problem with rebound eating- it doesn’t feel good and you tend not to choose nutritious foods that fuel you properly.

This has a tremendous impact on your energy levels, productivity, focus, hunger and mood throughout the rest of your day.

My advice

To build up habits that elevate your productivity by prioritising your energy levels, focus, mood and sustain fullness for a longer period of time you need to do 5 things.

  1. Check in with yourself regularly- Set an alarm on your phone or commit to checking hourly on your body's internal signals. What is it trying to tell you?

  2. Look out for more nuanced signs of hunger like lack of focus, thoughts about food, a subtle emptiness, brain fog etc.

  3. Honour those signals- do it ASAP before it’s too late! Take a break and set time to choose your next meal or snack in accordance to what your body needs.

  4. Aim for a balanced choice- Try to choose something colourful and tasty that contains carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre for long lasting energy and fullness.

  5. Eat mindfully- If you can, just take 10-15 minutes to enjoy the process of eating without any distractions. This will help you to focus on your bodies senses and fullness cues too.

Download our free intuitive eating guide here, to start building a deeper awareness around your body's signals.

If you find this information overwhelming, it may be a sign that you will benefit from professional guidance.

Click here to learn how you can receive support from me.

I am here to listen to, guide and share my expertise with you.

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