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How I went from over-eating, self-hate & yo-yoing in weight to food freedom, self- love, acceptance.

2023 marks 4 years since I found full food freedom.

Most of you probably know the struggles I faced for over 10 years of my life prior to that.

If we rewind to Nuna 5 years ago.. I was at my lowest I have ever been. I was deeply entrapped by food and my weight.

I was stealing my housemates food, smoking cigarettes to curb my appetite, eating chocolate instead of balanced meals and feeding myself with a whole lot of self-depreciating thoughts.

Fast forward to the top 6 incredible things that intuitive eating has allowed me and enabled me to do…

1. Have full trust in my bodies cues to guide me in choosing balanced and varied foods that keeps me satisfied, fuelled and thriving.

2. Enjoy all foods without any guilt or feelings of being out of control.

3. Feel more empowered in managing my difficult emotions.

4. Build an unshakeable relationship with my body, appreciating myself for everything I am capable of outside of my appearance.

5. Feel proud of the woman that I am and the things that I have accomplished in my life so far.

6. Focus on what really matters to me in life, give energy to my purpose and step into my highest potential.. E.g. starting my business, taking up new hobbies and passions like boxing, dance, singing!

If this is something that you want, but feel held back from because of your relationship with food and yourself... then please do get in contact and we can have a chat!

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