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3 Ways to feel sexy again

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you saw something different?

This is something that I battled with for years.

So much of my disappointment with my appearance came from feeling undesirable. I thought that if I didn’t look good, then I wouldn’t be valuable to the outside eye.

If I didn’t think I look beautiful or sexy, then I didn’t feel sexy.

Some of it was longing for male attention and validation, but I also just felt that as a whole, being seen as sexywas an advantage in everyday life.

I wanted to be seen.

Not just by men, but also by women.

To be deemed attractive is being deemed worthy of attention and acknowledgement.

When you are sexy, you take up space in a room.

This desire of mine was the motivation behind all my food problems.

The negative thoughts I was having about myself were triggering this belief that I had to have the perfect body to be important in this world.

It all changed for me when I learnt the real meaning of the word sexy.

I started noticing different people around me and what made them ‘sexy’ to me.

Men and women who were sexy, came in all different shapes, sizes and looks.. which meant to me that appearance was NOT the common factor.

It dawned on me that sexy is not a look… sexy is an ENERGY.

A sexy energy comes from knowing your value, believing you are worthy and loving yourself unconditionally.

Unconditional self-love… WOW.

Unconditional self-love is loving yourself NO MATTER what you look like or what you have achieved.

It’s having the confidence in yourself and belief that you deserve everything you want and that you CAN have it.

This is when I realised that the work I needed to do was not on the outside, it was all internal.

I started giving gratitude for myself about appearance-unrelated things, creating compassion towards myself for the way I was feeling and acting, and finding pleasure and purpose in new areas of my life…

My advice

1) Write down 3 things every morning that you love about yourself and are proud of.

2) Reflect, go deep and find forgiveness in yourself for the things that have happened to you and the way they manifest in your actions today.

3) Find a new hobby that brings you joy and excitement to develop as a skill and become better at.

I always say that your relationship with food is a symptom of an internal struggle. If you can look deeper and work on the inside then the outside will soon follow.

If any of this feels overwhelming to you, please don’t worry.

You may need professional guidance and support on your journey and in that case I am here for you.

Click here to register your interest and we can have a chat to work out what your most suitable option will be.

Have a lovely day,

Nuna x

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