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I'm Nuna, the founder of Nuna's Nutrition. I am a Registered non-diet Nutritionist and a food freedom coach from London, UK, helping women worldwide via online coaching. My aim is to enable women to say leave binge eating and low self-esteem behind and create a life of food freedom, confidence, self-empowerment and purpose.

Having been through the diet-binge cycle for 10 years, I experienced all the negative impacts it had on my personal and professional life. Using my experience and expertise, I help women to get off that weight loss & diet train, stop endless eating and reclaim their true potential.

​For me, Nuna's Nutrition is so much more than nutrition coaching or nutritional advice. Your relationship to food is directly associated with the relationship you have with yourself, and health is not a one-size-fits-all. My aim is to empower you from within so that you can go through life making decisions that are truly best for your physical, mental and emotional health. 

Without a healthy mindset, you cannot achieve sustainable physical health. This is why my coaching focuses on healing your relationship with yourself and with food, so that you can rid yourself of food guilt and start enjoying foods that can satisfy and fuel you at the same time.


My identities & privileges:

My perspective:

I am a straight-sized, educated, cis-gendered person.

My values are centered around freedom, intuition, growth and inclusivity. 

This is why I practice with a non-diet approach and HAES® in all avenues of my business. I am determined that my work is inclusive and anti-oppressive, which I mirror as the centre of all my learnings and trainings. I am always open to discussion on being more inclusive, so I'm open ears!

Nuna is available for comment on topics such as diet culture, relationship with food, binge eating, emotional eating, body image, nutrition for productivity.

My work:

Nuna's Nutrition 

Nuna's Nutrition aims to empower high achieving women in their relationship with food so they can step into their potential, without any rules or restriction.

Sukha Wellness Retreats 

Sukha Wellness Retreats works with coaches & businesses to plan retreats that create deeper connection, more income & more opportunity.

IamNunaKam Coaching | Business Coaching 

Nuna Kamhawi coaches service-based professionals in their money mindset & confidence through 1-1 coaching, so that they can build a business and create financial freedom.

My credentials:

  • Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition

  • MSc Nutrition from Kings College London 

  • BSc Cell Biology & French


  • Intuitive Eating Counselling 

  • Body Image Counselling 

  • PCOS management

  • Mindset & Confidence Coaching

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 ‘A healthy relationship with food comes from awareness- awareness of the internal self as well as the external influences that impact how we love, care and nourish our bodies, minds and souls.’

So, how does my food freedom coaching work?

When you work with me I will take you through my signature 4-step coaching framework.

your blockers and what is holding you back, dig deep to uncover your neural pathways and understand how you formed your beliefs around your self worth, food and/or body image.

your relationship with yourself and with foods by reprogramming your mindset, unlearning toxic beliefs,  and rewiring them to positive thoughts.

you on evidence-based framework of intuitive eating, giving you the methods and tools to make changes in your everyday life. This will allow you develop powerful skills to navigate your emotions and thoughts around self worth and body image, while helping you regain trust in your body and its innate signals.

and motivate you to create long-lasting results and live every day to the fullest by elevating your confidence and creating an abundant life for yourself in all areas such as physical & mental wellbeing, career, love and social life.





‘The truth is that you have to find happiness from within. Relying on external things like appearance to make you happy is a losing battle. Looks fade, bodies change and we have to build the foundations of self-love and self-worth so we can give ourselves the self-respect we deserve’

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